Virtual Retreat on Zoom

March 20th, 2021
2 - 5pm Pacific Time

It's hard to believe it's been a year since we got together at CCBC in very different circumstances! We hope you've been keeping safe and sane, and that you've all been remembering what happens to bad boys who don't wash their hands, wear a mask, etc...

As we mentioned before, we very much wanted to mark what would have been Hot Seat 2 with a virtual get together, and we're asking you all to join us on Saturday 20th of March 2021 @ 2pm PST, for a live / zoom event. 


We were so happy to be able to bring you 'Hot Seat Virtual' in May, however for this event, we decided just to get everyone together live so we can swap news, make plans for Hot Seat 2022 etc. 


We feel sure that 2020 has forced everyone to become familiar with zoom(!) and we decided it was the best platform for us to get together on. For planning purposes, we are asking people to register as per the link below. Providing a name and an email will also enable zoom to remind you of the details as the event approaches.

Click here to Register

Looking forward to seeing you all there!