Experience Hot Seat

Staying off-site?

CCBC Resort Hotel was selected for Hot Seat Retreat precisely because of the ability to host very large gatherings where only a small proportion of guests are staying on site. 

Spaces and Activities 

Guests are able to enjoy all of the grounds and play areas, as well as the CCBC pool, jacuzzi and restaurant (Runway). Additionally we look forward to all of our guests who are visiting for the relevant days joining us for pizza night, breakfast, our game-afternoon, barbecue, pool party and Saturday dinner. 

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Resort Amenities

CCBC supplies towels and lockers for day-guests. $10/day for a towel or locker, or $15/day for both.


So whether you stay with us at CCBC or not, we know you'll be able to enjoy the event, see old friends, make new friends, and get your spank on.