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Registration FAQ

  • When is the event?
    March 19-23, 2025
  • Who is welcome? Are there age limits?
    Any male-identifying spanking enthusiast 21 years or older is welcome to participate in the event
  • How much is it to attend?
    2025 fees will be announced soon. 2024 fees were $250 for the entire event ($60/day for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday and $70 for Saturday) Register now to join the fun!
  • How do I sign up?
    Register online here for Palm Springs, and here for Las Vegas. Prepare for a hot weekend together!
  • What happens if I can't come and need to cancel?
    We want you to book early, and we understand that sometimes unforeseen things come up. If you notify us 14 days or more prior to the start of the event you will receive a 100% refund. Otherwise, you will receive a 50% refund, as long as you notify us prior to the start of the event.
  • Do I have to stay at CCBC to attend?
    No. Your registration includes entry to the CCBC Resort, whether staying there or not.
  • How much does it cost to stay at CCBC?
    We have negotiated rates for Hot Seat Retreat participants. All rooms have been reserved for this event and will not be sold on other sites. See the registration page for prices.
  • I'm on a budget. What other options are available?
    We recognize that CCBC is an expensive venue. Here are some ideas that may help you participate in more affordable ways. CCBC has one RV that is cheaper than a room and allows you to stay on-site. We have negotiated rates at two different overflow hotels, one of them having some of the lowest rates in the area. There are many other accommodation options in the Palm Springs area. Your registration includes full access to CCBC, whether you stay there or not. You can come for the day! Day passes include 8 hours of access to CCBC including our dedicated play areas.
  • Are shared rooms available?
    Yes, there are some rooms with 2 beds which can be shared. It is up to you to pay for the room and find your own roommate. The organizers will help connect people who have these rooms with those looking for someone to share with.
  • The host resort (CCBC) is sold out. Can I still participate?
    Absolutely! ​ CCBC Resort Hotel was selected for Hot Seat Retreat precisely because of the ability to host very large gatherings where only a small proportion of guests are staying on site. Read more
  • Where can I play if I'm not staying at CCBC?
    You can play anywhere within the CCBC grounds except for the pool area. A tent area with spanking 'furniture' will be setup as a central meeting place. Note that everyone is free to use the pool, however spanking play is not allowed there.
  • Are towels and lockers available at CCBC?
    Yes. They can be reserved through the front desk for a nominal fee.
  • Are breakfasts and meals included?
    The following meals are included with event registration in 2024: Welcome mixers (Wednesday & Thursday evenings) Breakfast with coffee (Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday) BBQ lunch (Friday) Dinner (Saturday)
  • Can I bring my own food and drinks?
    Yes. Anyone may bring outside food and drink into the resort. If you are staying in a room at CCBC you can bring your own alcoholic beverages. No glass bottles are permitted in common areas.
  • What events are scheduled over the weekend?
    While most of the weekend will be unstructured we do have a few things planned to help you connect with other participants. For an idea of what to expect, check out our schedule
  • What is the policy on photos and video?
    CCBC prohibits any filming or photography anywhere on the resort grounds without permission from the management. You may take photos / video inside your room if you have consent of all individuals involved.
  • Who's behind this event?
    This event is owned and operated by Red Handed Events LLC in conjunction with CCBC. It is organzed by the people who brought you Whappz, the Dudes Spankin' Dudes Podcast, and the hosts of OTK LA.
  • I am flying to Los Angeles. What are my options to get to/from Palm Springs?
    LAX is the largest airport in the region with the most options, and likely the best deals. You can also consider flying into ONT in Ontario, CA, which is the closest LA airport to Palm Springs. Flixbus currently offers three buses a day from Downtown LA and Hollywood. You can also rent a car, of course. The CCBC resort has free parking.
  • How does the new lottery for rooms at CCBC work?
    All registrations received between 10am and 6pm Pacific Time (that's 1pm to 9pm Eastern Time) on September 16, 2023 will be entered into the lottery. Any registrations received after that time will not be part of the lottery. Rooms will be offered in the order names are drawn from the lottery pool. So as each name is drawn we will see if their preferred room type is available. If it is, they'll receive that room. If it isn't, they will be offered the next closest room type until there are no rooms available. Then we will keep drawing names for waitlist positions until there are no more names left in the lottery.
  • If I register during the lottery period but don't get a room at CCBC, can I stay at the overflow hotels?
    Yes. If you want to stay at CCBC be sure to put that down. If you aren't selected in the lottery, you can stay at one of the overflow hotels.
  • Is there a minimum number of nights I have to stay?
    Yes, CCBC requires a minimum 3-night stay for this event
  • What happens if my preferred room type is not available?
    If your name is drawn to receive a room but there are no rooms of the type you requested available we will offer you the next closest room type.
  • I would like a specific room # at CCBC. How can I request that?
    Please include any special requests in the general comments box on your registration form
  • I am not planning to stay at CCBC. Do I need to register right away?
    No. If you are staying offsite, or only attending for one day, you can register at your convenience. By registering early you'll get access to the group rates at our overflow hotels.
  • Can I change my registration info after it has been submitted?
    Yes please contact us regarding the changes and we'll do our best to accommodate them. Please be patient with us in the initial days after registration opens.
  • I'd like to share a room at CCBC and I already know who my roommate is. How do we register?
    Please select "Shared room at CCBC". A Roommate Name field will appear where you will put your roommate's name. He needs to do the same when he registers, listing your name as his roommate. Sharing a room increases your odds of getting a room at CCBC as long as you and your roommate register separately during the lottery registration window. This is because both names will be entered in the draw.
  • I'd like to share a room at CCBC but don't have a roommate yet. How do I register?
    If you don't have a roommate yet please select "My own room at CCBC". Once you know who your roommate is, contact us to have him added to your reservation. He will need to register with us as well. We have a limited number of rooms with 2 beds, so participants with known (and registered) roommates may be prioritized for these rooms.
  • How does the waiting list for rooms at CCBC work?
    Once there are no rooms available during the lottery drawing we will keep drawing names for waitlist positions until there are no more names left in the lottery. We will add any registrations received after the lottery cut-off to the bottom of the waitlist in the order those registrations are received.
  • What happens if I accept a room at CCBC but need to cancel later?
    Once you notify us of your cancellation, we will ensure that the deposit you paid to CCBC is refunded. Your room will be offered to the next person on our waiting list. Room transfers are only allowed if your registered roommate is still coming.
  • What happens if I don't get a room at CCBC and decide not to come?
    If you decide to cancel your registration you'll get a full refund as long as you let us know at least 14 days before the event.
  • What happened to the Bunk Room Lottery?
    Unfortunately CCBC's bunk room is no longer available to us so we have discontinued this lottery.
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